Extrusion Presses

Extrusion Presses


Applying creative technology and development expertise to meet customer needs for complex and precise profiles.

Our extrusion presses, press heated aluminum and copper billets through dies (metal molds) to produce a wide range of products, from building materials such as window sashes and curtain walls to industrial materials for automobiles, rolling stock, other transportation equipment, office, automation equipment, etc. As the only extrusion press manufacturer in Japan, our long history of experience combined with our unique technology makes it possible for us to answer the diverse requirements of not only customers in Japan, but around the world.


SS Series


The SS series is a series of stem-slide, short-stroke direct extrusion presses developed with the technological expertise attained at UBE over many years of experience in the industry. In addition to being compact, energy-efficient, and highly productive, these presses are also well suited for the extrusion of high-strength aluminum. In addition, the billet loader and stem slide are driven by motors. Hydraulic components are arranged around the oil tank for reduction of oil volume and easier maintenance and inspection.

SS Series SS3G SS5G
Specifications for high-strength materials (OPTION) IoT Solutions

Solutions (SS5G)

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

reduction rate: 30~50%

small-capacity pump and servo motor.
35%~50% energy savings compared to conventional systems.

Mentenst and environment


Data is collected and optimised services are realised.

10~15db(A) reduction in noise levels during operation

The combination of a small-capacity pump and a servomotor reduces noise.

Information about our Extrusion Press services

  • Repair

    Repair Service

    Restoring your equipment to its original performance.

  • Consulting

    Consulting Service

    Maximizing your equipment performance.

  • Upgrade

    Upgrade Service

    Further expanding the capabilities of your equipment.


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