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Product Lineup

We widely contribute to industry and society through the power of manufacturing and creative technological strength that deliver new value.

Die Casting & Extrusion Machine Machinery

We meet constantly evolving manufacturing needs in fields such as the automotive industry and consumer electronics.
Looking ahead, we are always engaged in the advanced, creative product development of molding machines so that we can accurately respond to customer demands.

Industrial Machinery

The industrial machinery business provides the products and technologies sought after by various industries and plants, such as ceramic machinery and crushers.
We meet a myriad of needs by utilizing our abundant manufacturing knowhow, including original technologies and large, heavy equipment production. In addition, we continue to build bridges that combine functionality with scenic beauty, based on technologies cultivated in structural steelwork.

Large machining equipment and products

Taking advantage of our myriad manufacturing technologies and capabilities we have accumulated to develop and manufacture a wide range of industrial machinery, Ube Machinery also offers services including the manufacture of specialized parts and machining of large-scale components such as large-scale heavy equipment.
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