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Kilns, Furnaces, Dryers

The UBE brand: Fulfilling diverse needs
with powder processing technology established through decades of work in the field.

Our kilns utilize advanced combustion technology to provide the optimal solution for many applications. UBE Machinery offers the total approach to ensure the best possible product, from crushing through combustion.
Rotary kiln

A rotary kiln is an apparatus that uses a high-temperature heat source to fire raw materials such as cement raw material, limestone, and magnesia that have been loaded into a rotating kiln. Since combustion is easily controlled, it can also be used to incinerate noncombustible objects, including industrial waste and marine life that has greatly varied physical properties that cannot be controlled at other incinerators.

This machine dries materials such as coal, carbon, and minerals. There are rotary dryers with a rotating horizontal barrel and vertical dryers.
Drum mixer

A drum mixer mixes, humidifies, and granulates sintering raw material loaded into a blast furnace at steelworks. Both a large blast furnace and considerable throughput are required. There are drum mixers with a body of 5.2m in diameter and 23m in length. UBE is proud to hold the top market share, with many blast furnaces in Japan equipped with a UBE drum mixer.
Pan-type granulator
A pan-type granulator (UBE granulator) supplies finely powdered raw material into a tilted, rotating pan while simultaneously spraying the optimum amount of water to continuously produce particles of the desired size. UBE has manufactured approximately 300 granulators of sizes varying from 1m to 6m in diameter that are utilized for a range of applications, including chemical fertilizer, cement raw materials, iron ore, copper ore, lead concentrate, manganese powder sintering, tungsten ore, zinc refining slag, pyrite cinders, rock phosphate, carbon-based pigments, lead pigments, and abrasives. UBE’s pan-type granulators have proven the popular choice.
  • Continuous granulation and easy handling
  • Production of granules of uniform shape and size eliminates the need for sorting
  • Nearly spherical, high-strength granules
  • Few areas of friction means high durability
  • A small installation area approximately 1/2 that of a drum-type granulator
A converter/refining furnace refines and melts nonferrous metals. UBE has manufactured 250t converters and 400t refining furnaces for copper refining, and has overwhelmingly earned customer trust to acquire over 70% market share in Japan. UBE developed a short rotary furnace as a compact blast furnace for nonferrous metals with the following features.
Refining furnaceConverter
  • A compact machine with high thermal efficiency that incorporates many years of manufacturing experience and user opinions
  • Extremely easy handling
  • Patented control method
Steam Tube Dryer (STD)

Steam Tube Dryer is of a high coefficient energy transmission plant. The drying is done indirectly by the steam via heat transmission tubes, which enables large volume, continuous drying.
Circulating water pipesCirculating water pipes
UBE offers comprehensive services from design to manufacturing, on-site installation, and after-sales service. UBE’s expert manufacturing technology and quality assurance system backed by various certifications, including ISO9001 and ASME (U, U2, S), allows UBE to offer reliable, high-quality products from carbon steel to stainless steel, clad steel, and other special materials.
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