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Kilns, Furnaces, Dryers

We aim to integrate high-accuracy machinery,
with control over technologies such as machining,
high vacuum and rotating machineries

Being part of a device or equipment in petrochemical,
fertilizer, cement, paper manufacturing plants.
From Jul 2020, we have succeeded the chemical equipment
business from Hitachi Plant Mechanics Co., Ltd.
Reactor for a high-function plastic plant (titanium clad material)

This equipment is mainly made up of titanium clad material, which has excellent corrosion and pressure resistance.
It is often used as Central Equipment in plant that produces resin through reaction by pressure, temperature cycle and agitation.

■High technological capabilities and quality
The technology and quality cultivated over more than half a century together with the supply of approximately 520 titanium units are recognized by our customers within Japan and overseas. Currently our company reactors are still in operation in plants all over the world.

■Manufacturing in line with needs
Custom-made design, manufacturing and inspection are possible to meet various needs such as corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
Centrifugal thin film evaporator
Horizontal-type Thin film evaporator
Centrifugal thin film evaporator
Vertical-type Thin film evaporator

This equipment is used for the concentration of heat-labile substances in a wide range of fields, including chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, and foods, and for advanced devolatilization.

■High evaporation and deaeration capacity
The heating surface and the evaporation surface of the thin film by agitation centrifugal force are renewed at high speed, and the evaporation and devolatilization ability are high not only for low viscosity but also for viscous liquid.

■Less likely to burn, control scale
The rapid stirring of the thin film suppresses the scale growth of the heating surface. In a horizontal tapered cylinder, back pressure acts to prevent film breakage, thereby suppressing the occurrence of burning.

■Variety of Sunny Controls: Easy to maintain
Vertical tapered blade: ~ 1000 Pa・s for high viscosity
Cebcon: For slurry and powder
Polymerization Reactor for high-viscosity Materials

This polymerizer efficiently mixes ultra-high viscosity fluids of up to 2,000 Pa・s with glasses-shaped agitators installed on two horizontal rotary axes. It is used as a polymerizer for engineering plastic manufacturing plants where the viscosity is increasing.

■high-efficiency polymerization reaction
As a polymerization unit for continuous use, small retention and large agitation surface formation are realized.

■High technological capabilities and quality Mainly polyester polymers
More than 100 units have been delivered and technologies have enabled stable operation.
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