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Injection Molding Machines

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Injection Molding Machines are industrial machinery which produce various plastic products through several processes. First, pour melted raw materials(plastic) into a metal mold, then cool the plastic product in the mold, and lastly open the mold and remove the part.
A wide variety of plastic items around us are made by Injection Molding Machines: automobile parts, electric appliances, and palettes generally used in the logistics industry.
As the company with the largest product line-up in the industry, we have contributed to improve customer' productivity and the functionality of products. And our efforts will continue to further enrich our business relationships.
PDF/Injection Molding Machines Product Lineup

 HH Series

 Clamping force 350 to 3500 tons
HH is supplied into the global market as a representation of the first step of our fusion.
It has unique features of our own developed DD motor, high rigidity wide platen, and MAC-IX controller as a standard specification as well as varied screw lineup.
It is also available to introduce the DIEPREST program which used our own developed technology, and IoT.
PDF/HH Series (English)
PDF/HH Series (Chinese)

HH Series Clamping force 350 to 3500 tons

 UF Series

 Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons
UF is our global standard series developed based on the concept of "User-Friendly All-Electric Injection Molding Machine."
It has strong features with easy-settings and easy-operation as well as pursuit of productivity and quality of products.
PDF/UF Series
UF Series Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons

 MD Series

 Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons
MD is the first developed and supplied All-Electric Injection Molding machine in the industry.
This series has earned a high reputation for over 20 years.
It is utilized for a variety of molding requirements by a combination of abundant clamping lineup and an injection unit as a high end model.
PDF/MD-S V Series (English)
PDF/MD-S V Series (Chinese)
MD Series Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons

 emII/emIII Series

 Clamping force 1050 to 3500 tons
em series has earned a high reputation for over 20 years with its space-saving design and high-productivity.
With its low floor, the emIII has improved safety and maintenance. Adoption of MAC-IX controller also makes it a user-friendly machine.
PDF/emIII Series(English)
PDF/emIII Series (Chinese)
PDF/emII Series (English)

emII/emIII Series Clamping force 1050 to 3500 tons

 MMX Series

 Clamping force 1050 to 3500 tons
Adoption of Smart Pump System makes a substantial contribution to cost reduction. It also contributes to the improvement of productivity and product quality by adoption of a 4-Point, 2-Platen Clamping Mechanism and high cycle feature included as a standard specification.
PDF/MMX Series(English)
PDF/MMX Series(Chinese)

MMX Series Clamping force 1050 to 3500 tons

We have a variety of High-Performance Molding Processes that enable us to meet customer's requirements:
cost/weight reduction, improvement of design and functionality, eco-friendly production, and introduction of IoT.
Click here for more information on High-Performance Molding Process
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