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Injection Molding Machines

Bringing form to needs:
Diverse customer requirements
drive UBE injection molding machine

Injection presses utilize a variety of plastics to create products through a process consisting of melting, injecting, solidifying and ejecting. The components manufactured on UBE injection molding machines are used a wide range of sectors from automobiles to household appliances. We contribute to richer lives for everyone.
From 1967 to today, UBE Machinery has created a variety of injection molding machines that conform to the times and continues to advance the development of distinctive, high-functioning injection molding machines by combining customer needs with the knowhow, fabrication technology, and resin material technology of the UBE GROUP.


 Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons
User-friendly Controller Designed for Easy Operation: Equipped with e-HUMMA, this machine uses the newly developed Flex Servo Control to achieve steady precision injection control.
The versatile, all-electric injection molding machine has evolved into a global standard.

PDF UFSeries
PDF UFSeries

UBEMAX-UF Series Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons

 MD Series

 Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons
Jointly developed by UBE Machinery and NIIGATA MACHINE TECHNO CO., LTD., the MD Series has consistently been the industry leader in developing large, all-electric injection molding machines since it appeared on the market in 1998 with the first 850-ton machine. The 1400-ton machine released in 2000, the 1800-ton machine released in 2002, and the 3000-ton machine released in 2006 all received excellent ratings (at the time, all machines boasted the largest clamping force in the world).
MD Series
PDF MD Series
MD Series Clamping force 650 to 3500 tons


 Clamping force 2000 to 4000 tons
Hydraulic Servo injection molding machines(Clamping force 2000 to 4000 tons)
The two-platen UU design has been upgraded with the servo-pumps used in our popular ServoMAX-US series machines, yielding the new UUII series of eco-friendly machines with smaller footprints and reduced energy consumption.

UBEMAX-UUⅡ Series Clamping force 2000 to 4000 tons


 Clamping force 350 to 6300 tons
The UBEMAX-PZⅢ▪ST Series is solidly established as “Toggle is UBE. Ebr /> This has remained a long-selling product for over 25 years through continuous improvements and developments. That reliability backed by over 40 years of successful achievements in toggle construction has led to high market acclaim. UBE Machinery Inc. produces this in the United States for the North American market as the UZ Series.

UBEMAX-PZ Ⅲ▪Series Clamping force 350 to 6300 tons


 Clamping force 2500 to 4000 tons
With a compact design that uses a two-platen design system, this machine has markedly improved the flexibility of space utilization.
It is a highly functional machine that is the ultimate form of a hydraulic machine, backed by the full expertise of UBE large machines.
UBEMAX-UU Series Clamping force 2500 to 4000 tons
High-Performance Molding Process

To meet diverse customer needs that include cutting product costs, reducing product weight, design, creating functionality, and environmental considerations, we have a variety of high-performance molding processes at the ready that enable us to meet requests for improvements to the resin molding process by promoting enhanced functions in injection molding machines.
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