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Die Casting Machines

Responding to evolving requirements with rich experience and advanced technology: Improvements in energy efficiency, productivity and compactness

Die casting machines produce metal products by filling metal molds with melted light alloy. The resulting products are utilized in a broad spectrum of areas, including high-strength suspension and engine components for automobiles, vehicle bodywork, and components for large, lightweight household appliances. Since creating the first machine in 1962, UBE Machinery has always aimed for technological innovation and tackled machine development in anticipation of the needs of the future.

 UB-iV Series

 Clamping force 1250 to 3550 tons
UB-iV Series Clamping force 1250 to 3550 tons
This environmentally friendly, next-generation machine sets a global standard and comes equipped with the world’s first energy-saving servo pump, the “I-Stop Servo.”
UB-iV Series
PDF UB-iV Series

 UB-iS3 Series

 Clamping force 530 to 1100 tons
UB-iS2 Series Clamping force 375 to 1100 tons
UBE is proud to introduce the new UB-iS3 medium sized die casting machine that will expand upon the excellent shot performance and energy savings that was realized in the previous UB-iS2 model.
UB-iS2 Series
PDF UB-iS3 Series

 UB-iS2 Series

 Clamping force 375 to 1100 tons
UB-iS2 Series Clamping force 375 to 1100 tons
The long-selling UB-iS Series has further evolved into the UB-iS2 Series, which is equipped with features that include new, global-first one-of-a-kind technologies.
UB-iS2 Series
PDF UB-iS2 Series
Die Casting Movie Mannual
Die Casting Movie Mannual

 UB-iC Series

 Clamping force 350 to 800 tons
UB-iC Series Clamping force 350 to 800 tons
The acclaimed UB-iS2 series of die casting machines, offering powerful new functions and improved cost/performance, from our Shanghai Factory.

 UH Series

 Clamping force 1250 to 2250 tons

UH Series Clamping force 1250 to 2250 tons
The UH Series offer the world’s best space utilization achieved with a two-platen hybrid design system. This is the first machine in the industry to pull the tie-bar forward through a fixed platen. The new concept die cast machine meets every need, including energy efficiency and powerful functionality through advanced dimensions.
UH Series
PDF UH Series

 HVSC Series & VSC Series

 Clamping force 350 to 800 metric tons
HVSC Series & VSC Series Clamping force 350 to 800 metric tons
Products manufactured by squeeze casting are weldable,due to the less gas contained in them in comparison to conventional die casting. Components produced through squeeze casting offer quality close to that of forging, with stable quality and low defect rates.
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