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Storage and Transportation System

Since mining the Ube Okinoyama coal mine in 1897, the UBE Group has been meeting various customer demands from the standpoint of both manufacturer and user.

UBE manufactures unloaders (level luffing, portal), ship loaders (combination traveling/elevated/telescopic/slewing), stacker/reclaimer, stacker, reclaimer (bucket wheel, scraper), various conveyors (air floating conveyor, flat belt conveyor, vertical conveyor), various cranes (overhead travelling crane, gantry crane, bridge crane, jib crane), silos, and pneumatic conveying equipment for transport systems for bulk materials such as coal, flue-gas gypsum, limestone, cement, sediment, and pulp chips.
Storage and Transportation System
This equipment unloads coal, ore, scrap and other bulk materials from a ship with bucket. According to its capacity and application conditions, continuous type, gantry type and double-link type are available.
Ship loader
This equipment loads coal continuously from a quay into holds of vessels. According to its application, slewing type, telescoping type and traveling type are available.
This equipment receives coal from a charge conveyor or discharge coal from a yard to a discharging conveyor. It is operated by complete remote control with a computer.
Air supportive conveyor
This belt conveyor transports belts by floating them with air. Compared to conventional roller-type conveyors, operation can be accomplished with little noise and less energy. In addition, the completely sealed structure eliminates worry over load collapse or dust emission.
Various cranes
UBE manufactures cranes appropriate for diverse work environments, including cranes for various power stations, iron manufacturing and steelmaking, and shipbuilding.
The eurosilo is a flat-bottomed, sealed storage facility for bulk materials that utilizes a screw in the receiving/delivery mechanism. It offers extremely efficient loading and large capacity, and is designed for effective use of ground. There is no worry about clogging by materials with poor fluidity.
Pneumatic transport system (CERA pump)
This is an entirely new type of pneumatic transport system that allows traffic channels and distance of conveyance to be freely chosen in accordance with circumstances so there is no dust pollution.
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