Air supportive conveyor

Air supportive conveyor

Air supportive conveyor  features

This belt conveyor transports belts by floating them with air. Compared to conventional roller-type conveyors, operation can be accomplished with little noise and less energy. In addition, the completely sealed structure eliminates worry over load collapse or dust emission.
Air supportive conveyor  features
Air supportive conveyor  features
1. Rollerless
There are no rollers in the mid section to prevent noise or vibration generated from the carrier or on the return side. Also, roller replacement and maintenance such as mineral removal is free.
2. Belts supported by air film
Belts are supported with air film instead of rollers for less coefficient of friction compared to conventional conveyors, and reduced motor capacity to save energy.
3. Completely sealing
The belt conveyor is completely sealed so dust and bad odors won’t leak out, making it optimal for environmental measures in urban areas and plants.
4, Space-saving
A large loading area and ability for high-speed transport enables small equipment size, thereby saving more than 50% of space (in comparisons by UBE).

Basic structure of an air supportive conveyor

The belt is supported with an air film, so no rollers are used.
Basic structure of a air supportive conveyor

Air supportive conveyor  by capacity type

Name MT Series (compact) WP Series (mid-size) BU Series (large)
Trough type Double vertical type U-pipe type
Capacity ~100t/h 100~1,500t/h 1,000~5,000t/h
Belt width 300~650mm 400~1,200mm 1,000~1,600mm
Pipe diameter -- 300A~900A 750A~1,200A

Belt conveyor

Conveyor line

▩ Charging line
Coal unloaded through unloaders is transferred to a relay station for a coal-yard with a belt conveyor, from where it is transferred to a stacker/reclaimer or a stacker with a yard conveyor for coal-yard transportation.

▩ Discharging line
Coal discharged with a reclaimer or a stacker/reclaimer is transferred to the outside of the yard with a yard conveyor.
Belt conveyor
Charging Conveyor
Capacity : 3,600t/h Belt speed : 170m/min Belt width : 2,000mm
Yard Conveyor
Capacity : 3,600t/h Belt speed : 250m/min Belt Width : 1,600mm
Discharging Line
Capacity : 1,300t/h Belt speed : 250m/min Belt width : 1,050mm
Coal conveying

Other conveyors

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