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Group Synergy

Introducing the Activities of the UBE Group
An industrial group centered on UBE INDUSTRIES, LTD. consisting of about 150 firms in sectors including chemicals / ceramics, cement, architectural materials / machinery, metal forming / transport / trading / real estate / information processing / leisure.


Main products
Synthetic rubber / nylon resins / caprolactam/ industrial chemicals / fertilizers / ABS resins / polyethylene / Specialty materials (polyimide, battery materials, gas separation membranes, communication equipment, and aerospace materials) / fine chemicals (paints, adhesives, resin materials, aromatic and cosmetics chemicals, and high-purity chemicals)

UBE supplies a wide range of chemical products used in industry and everyday life. In addition to the production of nylon and butadiene rubber, we also manufacture advanced materials such as the fine chemicals, electrolytes and separators for lithium-ion batteries, and separation membranes, covering diverse segments positioned for strategic growth.
Nylon 6: Automobile intake manifoldsPolyimide films:Products for tape automated bonding(COF) of Ics
Synthetic rubber(BR): Tires, golf balls, shoe soles, etc.Lithium ion battery materials and application examples


Main products
In-house pharmaceuticals/contract pharmaceuticals

Based on the extensive UBE expertise in organic synthesis technology, activity in the pharmaceutical products section covers two basic fields: new drug development in collaboration with other pharmaceutical manufacturers, and consigned work including the development of raw and intermediate drug manufacturing processes, and product manufacture.
No.4 API PlantMedical products/commissioned medical products

Cement & Construction Materials

Main products
Cement and ready-mixed concrete, construction materials, limestone, and calcia and magnesia

In addition to producing cement, which is a vital material for environmental infrastructure improvement, each factory has been actively adopting waste processing facilities to utilize in raw fuel for cement production. In addition, to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry, the UBE Group offers a varied line-up of materials such as flooring, plastering, and waterproof materials.
A kiln at the Ube Cement FactoryHigh-chlorine bypass facility at the Kanda Cement Factory
Self-leveling materialsWaterproofing materials


Main products
Molding machines (die casting machines, injection molding machines, and extrusion presses); industrial machinery (crushers, kilns, bulk handling machinery, and water screening equipment); bridges and steel structures (bridges, floodgates, and steel structures); and steelmaking

The machinery business consists of UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION, LTD. and its group companies. Our machinery is highly regarded, from die casting machines and injection molding machinery appreciated by automobile manufacturers worldwide, to transport equipment, crushers, and bridges. UBE machinery is remarkable for its high degree of reliability backed by our unique advanced technology.
Die casting machineInjection molding machine
Vertical roller millKosan Ohashi Bridge

Energy & Environment

Main products
Coal, and electric power

The UBE Group’s overall energy infrastructure depends on the reliable supply of imported coal through the coal business, and the supply of electric power from in-house power stations. The Group is now implementing a new energy strategy that includes involvement in electricity wholesaling. In addition, we have developed and commercialized an environmental system that gasifies waste plastic and other organic waste for use as materials for ammonia.
Okinoyama Coal CenterCoal tanker and Quay No.6, cargo-handling equipment
IPP coal-fired thermal power plantWoody biomass fuel facility at IPP power plant
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